“Working” seems to mean just, “being nice to elders”

A few years ago, the right-libertarian think tank called, “Reason Magazine”, came out with an entire print edition trying to shift the blame of income inequality, or even inequality in general, to generational divides. (They’ve since started blaming welfare in general for income inequality, which is retarded, but their previous writing was less so.)

Initially I had sort of an eye-roll response to the idea of generational divides being a large cause of inquality. But, there really isn’t any difference between the words, “wealthy”, and “elderly”, in America. Reason Magazine might have well just said that the wealthy are keeping the poor, poor, instead of using, “elderly”, as a replacement term.

But Reason Magazine remained accurate that the elderly call the shots in America. One of my favorite vloggers, AnalyzingMaleSlavery, once noted that in almost every human society, age determines, “alpha”, status. Once you get older, you are seen as automatically having some sort of wisdom and people respect you for that… a lot. That, as opposed to, “alpha”, status being determined by achievement, hard work, and the like. It’s certainly possible to become powerful without growing, old, it’s just close to impossible without enormous amounts of luck.

So maybe Reason Magazine had a deeper point, which they deserve credit for.

I’ve also noticed in dating, that being older helps quite a bit. There seems to be quite a few women who were willing to date me just because of my age. The tradcon and fairly-nice-person Natty Kadifa also told me she thought inceldom gets shaved with age. And she seems to be mostly accurate. As she mentioned in a chat she had with me, after around age 30 or so, you have basically become a volcel if you avoid sex for years.

But back to the subject of work…, every time I’ve had a traditional job, it came from begging older people for a job, or sometimes just asking politely. Then, boom, I, “got a job”, and was congratulated by the people who got me in as if I had done so all on my own. No cold calling employers was required (although I have done that in the past), no submitting resumes etc, just asking old people I know personally for a job, and, boom, I have a job. The boomers congratulating me was a bit strange, as it was like giving someone a candy bar and then saying, “wow you have a candy bar!, nice job!, you really made some changes in your life!”. This probably happened to millions, if not most, employed millennials.

Boomers want to be at the center of everything, to be the decision makers. As every elder generation wants. And maybe they deserve it, who knows, that’s outside the scope of this essay, but to work seems to mean to just ask them for a job. If the boomer likes you, he’ll give you a job, if he doesn’t, he’ll give you a crappy job.

As far as I know, children used to inherit their parents job. My dad has always been opposed to this, and even outright told me that that would never happen when I was young. I never quite understood this outside the level of, “well it would show that I’m not a 21st century self-starting entrepreneur”, but didn’t understand it much more than that. Not that I want his job necessarily, but it certainly would make things easier if I had been trained in it rather than being sent to college for reasons unknown to me.

Right now, I mostly get by on around $50-80 per day, which is $80 per day more than in previous years, but not really enough money to have a respectable life outside extended family. Which is fine, but it’s not really my decision at this point and would rather not be blamed for it.

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