and Incel Anti-Trust

This morning I saw that one of the only remaining incels dot wiki contributors from before 2020, Wizard32, noticed existed. He also didn’t know why and was asking the admins there. I never recruited this guy, and he didn’t seem to write much on incels dot wiki. So I don’t have his contact info or anything.

Regardless, this leads me to wondering, if a user of my former wiki (incels dot wiki) doesn’t know that we moved to, have I not been aggressive enough in advertising it? I mean I’ve done 0 advertising for it outside Twitter, and it seems to be doing fine on every front except word-of-mouth outside and the Russian incel communities. I didn’t even advertise it on incels dot wiki, as I knew it’d provoke those who hijacked it.

Basically, this is what happened to incels dot wiki: I was told in PMs for almost 2 years that I owned the wiki by a server admin there. I did virtually every thing for it, including most of the writing (to this date). Then I got booted, then I came back on but with diminished perms, then I self-banned cuz I wasn’t going to be bossed around on my own project, which I knew the blackpillers would start doing. My guess is incels dot co is doing PR stuff to make themself seem “anti-blackpill” to CVE, and the whitepill was one of those things, after all it’s just a small blog, so I told the CVE guys that incels dot co is at best a postmodern alt-right site, they’ll hold multiple positions at once, but it’s almost 100% unlikely they’ll give up blackpill.

Everytime I tell the story, a tech admin from incels dot co asks me why I haven’t just moved on, well…. because if a former user of the wiki doesn’t even know we moved, apparently it needs to be talked about more, and they know I have no issues running my mouth about anything, and am an honest guy.

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