The Steel Door

Escaping the simulation.

Mark was trapped in a simulation, he always thought he was. One night while slumped over his desk, he was dragged to an alien realm by a higher being. Here he was offered the choice to go through a steel door or a wooden door. The steel door looked much harder to open. The higher being explained the steel door would lead to a world stripped of any false pretenses and lies. The wooden door, Mark was told, would lead back to his regular life with all it’s comforting lies.

Mark decided he wasn’t interested in adventures and took the wooden door back home.

After passing through the wooden door, Mark tried to forget about the strange interaction he had. He thought he must have been dreaming. He went back to his regular 9/5 office job, with frowning idiots walking all around him. One of these frowning idiots starting talking about how he goes on internet forums that convinced him he was, “subhuman”, for being a, “beta male”. Another person listening into the conversation, a practicing therapist, jumps into the conversation and says that he should work on his personality to be happy and that it, “worked for her”.

Furious at both these apes for their idiocy, Mark runs back home. He remembers 10 years ago when this, “pill”, talk was just memes and not everyday language. After remembering he also learnt of the, “pills”, on internet forums, Mark grabs a baseball bat out of his closet. He then begins bashing his CRT monitor into bits and pieces with his baseball bat. He then walks into his bathroom, finds his e-souvenirs that his work friends gave him, little memorabilia pills. Mark puts the bluepill, the blackpill, the purplepill, the redpill etc into the fireplace, lights a sock on fire, and throws it in the fireplace to burn up this idiocy.

Mark obviously regretted taking the wooden door. He then begged, SHOUTED at the sky at home, for him to have one more choice of the doors.

Just at that second, Mark was warped back to the alien realm and the alien smirked, chuckled, and lowering his eyelids. “Just couldn’t take it anymore huh? I knew you’d be back.

The alien then presented Mark the choice of the wooden and steel door yet again. Except this time, the alien said the choice was final, and would also cost him his beloved daughter forever to go through the steel door. It only took Mark two seconds to accept the loss of his daughter for the chance to leave the wood-doored world of retarded reciprocal-role culture warriors, who only care about branding and their own narcissistic images.

So offended at having dealt with idiotic ‘blackpillers’ ‘blupillers’ ‘purplepillers’ etc in the comforting lie realm of the wooden-door…

he now decided to take the steel door, to where life would be stripped of all it’s comforting lies.

Mark walked through the steel door, and was dropped in a world he never knew. He had to adapt, but it was hard at first.

It is here, in this true world, he noticed no one was married, as everyone embraced the fact that they were cucks. It is here he noticed that no one was LDARing, because everyone knew that individualism was a lie based on a dumb notion of free will. It is here Mark found his true calling. To learn about how to sleep with sluts, work community service jobs (like building houses for people) and be part of the least degenerate civilization ever imagined.

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  1. You should take a break from incel spaces. Outside of incel spaces there are a lot of cucks you can join.

    If you want, I can cuck you with the foids you will bribe. I assure I will be discrete and I will pay maximum respect to you and the foid involved.

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