Thoughts on the 2020 US Presidential Election

Sanders the Zombie

What really caught me off-guard was this year’s positive, active support for Bernie Sanders. This monotonous, uninspiring , depressive doomsdayer. He had (in my mind) a relatively workable platform, but had very little original thought or signs of sentience. His main platform seemed to be, “lets bring in those illegals to build ROADS and BRIDGES. ROADS and BRIDGES”. Which is… ok fine, we could and whites aren’t gonna want to do it as much as ethnic labor.

I saw friends, former Republicans, medical personnel (the most, presumably due to Medicare-for-all), close relatives, and extended family talking about Bernie with quite a bit of excitement this year. These are the same people, who in 2008 would have dismissed Ralph Nader as a kook, or even in 2016, reluctantly engage in conversations about Sanders or social democracy.

It’s worth mentioning this didn’t happen across the country. Sanders didn’t massively outperform his 2016 run. Perhaps part of this is because his rural base got wiped out when he did a 180 and went full pro-immigration. But he was a ‘serious candidate’ at least in my cosmopolitan neck of the woods. Here, he was much more than the protest vote people thought of him as in 2016. This was a bit odd to me, as Sanders seems like he’s on his death knell. I honestly was not looking forward to another Sanders run, because I don’t really want to have the country bear not only the emotional brunt of people freaking out over a self-proclaimed socialist, but also him likely dying of natural causes in the next year or two. And also Sanders does have a genuinely terrible personality that would be hard to listen to.

Sanders to me seemed like old news this year, someone who sold out whatever potential he had to start something new, in 2016. Other people weren’t on the same page.

So who will I vote for?

After Trump signed his 3 trillion dollar stimulus in May, plus his, in my mind, proper reaction to COVID, I quite admired these things, even to the point of publicly announcing I’d vote for Trump. However, since then, the riots made it clear to me that Trump is absolutely incapable of uniting the country, and his response to the riots was to simple agitate people more.

I’ve never liked Donald J Trump, including when he was a bully in the Democratic Party, as a reality TV star. “The Apprentice”, was an abusive, sociopathic show, mostly about shaming people, giving people unreasonable goals and deadlines, and provoking anxiety in guests. If I could pick someone to run a country, a reality TV star would be somewhere in the bottom 10% of all possible choices, just above diagnosed sociopath or violent felon.

Trump’s vocal supporters tend to seem to want to vote for him out of a belief in social conservatism and nationalism, which is a bit odd to me, given Trump is clearly a hyper-liberal in personality and on most issues. And he’s anti-patriotic. He’s unread, ignorant about the history and founding of the country, and shows no interest in uniting people or inspiring mass patriotism. His attempts to show pride of the country are so fake he makes a regular joke out of it with his tone of voice and choice of phrases. He jumps at the chance to seem free from rules and conventions of the public. As far as as general demeanor (not mere words or stances), he’s more liberal than any president I remember, with his wild disregard for social or presidential conventions.

Which brings me to his social effect. Trump has an effect of destabilizing people, and making people feel off-kilter. He is rarely consistent, he lies more than any other president in my lifetime. He is childish, obnoxious, abusive, rambling, does regular insult-comedy to himself and the country. He’s directionless, mean, overly aggressive, insincere, unmeasured, and without much manners. He regularly threatens to break the constitution whenever he’s upset, as far as term limits and leaving the White House.

He also shows no interest in reducing income inequality, perhaps the most important thing to reduce the amount of incels.

So no, I’m not voting for an insulting reality TV start who regularly sparks intra-citizen competition, and threatens to become a liberal dictator.

The country he left is socially dysfunctional. The only good things about him are that he has caused some people to double-think feminism and federal government debt being a bad thing (which it generally isn’t, the federal debt is just a record of private sector savings). The other only good thing about him is he’s caused the deplatforming of 90% of alt-right spaces, but it doesn’t really matter when he adopts their same divisiveness.

As far as Biden

My guess is a Biden presidency would be like an Obama presidency. Functional, domestically peaceful (eventually), fuel to right-wing movements, feminist, and just… recognizable.

I do want a return to calm, peace, and a finish to the storm, but the Obama era was just depressing.

If Trump does win, I’m probably going to just tone down the amount I say inflammatory things on the internet, because more Trump would just be too much inflammation for anyone to add to it in good conscience.

There’s pretty much nothing in my life that would get better if Biden were president, except maybe people close to me would be less angry at the world, other than that it could just get worse if Biden ends up being a debt hawk, which he’s made overtures to.

Biden’s personality is unique, but at least somewhat bearable, unlike Trumps.

I’m somewhat of a single issue voter

That single issue being psychiatry. I’m against it, 100% and see it as a very great evil, for reasons I’ve explained in other online writings. Both Trump and Kamala Harris have expressed great interest in expanding mental hospitals, the exact opposite of what would be good for mental patients and incels. Funneling mental patients and incels into mental hospitals is not much different than killing them. Howie Hawkins and Jo Jorgensen are the only two candidates running in parties that are against compulsory mental health, “treatment”. Jo is opposed to wealth redistribution, which is a generally anti-incel and sociopathic stance, and so only Howie is left in my mind.

Andrew Yang was the only candidate who had a good personality. And I was actually excited for Mark Zuckerberg potentially running as I would happily vote for a successful Jewish nerd, who could actually make a UBI work with AI replacements (unlike Yang) for president. It would be an extremely proud vote for me.

Overall there isn’t much of a choice and I’ll either sit this out or write in Howie Hawkins. Howie is not a great choice for incels, there’s much worse things in life than inceldom, including psychiatry.

Disclaimer and background.

I’ve been engaging in electoral politics ever since around 2012, when I volunteered to work IRL for the Jill Stein campaign in Southern Virginia. I was also the co-chair of a local IRL Green Party for a couple years. Since then I’ve worked on a few other left-wing third party campaigns, and I also led IRL phone banking for Sanders in one of his Virginia offices in 2016. Then I became the unofficial campaign manager for Stein in Virginia in 2016. The actual campaign manager was in college and just delegated all tasks to me. This has been most of the extent of my political involvement until now, and so my opinions are informed by my political history and general left-leaning bent.

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