Possible ways to solve inceldom for people in their 20s

Enforced monogamy never gave a shit about the inceldom of people in their 20s, so lets brainstorm a few ways.

1. State subsidize hookers for men. (just legalizing would not be affordable enough). This has been done in the Netherlands for 20 years, to some success.
2. Have the government bribe people to date incels through money, resources, social status etc. This has been done in very limited amounts in Japan to varying degrees of success.
3. State cultural interventions to lower female standards through movies/art/books/schooling etc, while letting them have sexual freedom. “Guided standards lowering”. This, of course, would have to be a long term effort, hence me joking about imposing a monarchy to finish this goal. This was done in the Obama years through Michael Cera type movies, to almost no success, but they didn’t really make Cera anything but shy, so they could also make him a NEET or whatever.
4. Enforced tomboy polyandry
Disclaimer: Enforced tomboy polyandry is less of a fetish than enforced monogamy. As women are naturally socially dominant, monogamy only works with female social submission, and hardcore male monogamists have a social dominance fetish (otherwise known as sadism)

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