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This is the story of the hippiepill, the only accurate and scientific pill

Most of life was brutish and short.

Then came technology and feminism, the two greatest, least degenerate, and most heroic spirits of humanity. It unleashed enormous human potential and progress with each year.

And then the best possible thing ever happened to incels and all of humanity: the sexual revolution

For a few years after the sexual revolution almost any man who wasn’t a stuck up conservative could have sex with a minimal amount of effort. People were fucking and sucking and dancing and partying every day in every major city. It was a paradise for most incels.

If anyone got in the way of the sex, they’d move into a park and fuck in the park. Life was great, they called themselves the, “hippies”. They weren’t perfect, they could have done without the drugs, but they were much more sensible than traditionalists.  “Groping” wasn’t even a thing in the hippie years. Women didn’t care who touched their naughty parts or when.

lewd hippie acts (which are censored so that the tradcons don’t get offended)

Sex happened for so many men in the hippie communes, music and movies were made to celebrate free love, that is love without resource exchange or mate guarding. Privileged men cucked their women, it was the best thing incels could hope for. Incels had sex, no matter how hairy they were, no matter how poor they were, no matter how homeless they were. It was truly a utopia. And it wasn’t just all about sex either, these communities were high-trust, tigh-knit communities that created great art and were very physically active, they had so much meaning in their lives.

The trad-rats destroy everything

Then came the porkies and the trad-rat vaginocapitalists, what we now call ‘ancaps’, ‘fascists’, ‘blackpillers’. They saw all the sex poor whites were having and felt jealous, because they weren’t having it. If they weren’t getting it, “no one could”. Wealthy capitalists and their supporters decided to introduce AIDS into the blood supply through medical labs to stop the hippies.

The trad-rats and blackpissers wanted to hoard all the women all to themselves by promoting the degeneracy of “””monogamous marriage”””, aka rape-houses. This has been well documented in academic journals.

The tradrats and capitasimps in government (specifically the CIA) co-opted feminism and turned it into feminazism. “Sexual freedom” became “get off my body”. Feminists started turning against men in a way never seen prior. It was just what the tradrats and capitasimps wanted.

Eventually people gave up their resistance to the capisimps and tradshits. Men had nowhere to go. Now that feminism had been corrupted into misandry, tradshittery became the only alternative. Tradrats tried to introduce everyone to a world of humiliating monogamy, delayed marriage, no sex among teenagers, abstinence education, no sex until marriage, and similar programs. Such as the “True Love Waits” program by Southern Baptists and other assorted blackpillers and trads. Inceldom balooned.

Your typical blackpiller (aka tradcon) when NOT on the internet

It is time we fix the issue by voting every tradrat and feminazi out of office to bring free love through virtuous group cucking once again. We don’t live in resource scarcity anymore, it would not be like pre-civilization. No man could hoard women in the abundant gift economy composed of skinny, hairy men and women.

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