Should incels support feminism?

If feminism means ‘women leave the home’

Virtually everyone supports feminism if feminism means women leaving the home.

When technology advances, it creates a situation where women are able to leave the home more as housekeeping and chores and food gathering have been reduced to a 30 minute task from what used to be a 8 hour task.

So what people call ‘feminism’ or ‘women’s liberation’ is an inevitable consequence of technology. Being ‘for’ or ‘against’ it seems odd to me. To be ‘against’ it means you want to roll back technological progress (how?). So yes I ‘support’ feminism, by this definition, in the same way I support the fact that computers exist, it’s happened and it’s not reversing save some totalitarian state that no one would want.

If feminism means ‘men have more opportunity than women and oppress women’

I haven’t seen much evidence for this happening in an extremely one sided way. Except to the extent ‘men’ means ‘capitalism’. And men are indeed the capitalists, but part of that is because women want men with tons of resources. But regardless of what gender plays more of a role, this kind of oppression feminists complain about should be solved vertically instead of horizontally (in other words, through electoral politics). And both men and women have shown an ability to play a helpful role in that effort.

But I will rarely support any modern, individual self-identified feminist due to their misandry.

At the end of the day

At most, arguments about, ‘womens liberation’, in the USA is just a red herring for issues that people can actually change, and a political football zealots use to shuffle people into various political places. Sometimes I avoid ‘feminists’ because they are radical misandrists. Sometimes I avoid anti-feminists because they are radical tradcons who want to rape women and exploit other men to gather resources for their women, and also keep women out of public life. And women have valuable things to add to public life. As far as whether or not I ‘support’ feminism, it depends on the definition used, and it is ultimately not important. Market economies cause most of our woes, and ~feminism~ is this big diversion away from that issue.

Incels don’t have much to gain by ‘allying’ with self-described ‘feminists’, so there’s not much reason for them to. As most self-described feminists are radical misandrists. Big revelation I know /sarcasm

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