On conservative monopolization of the word ‘incel’

This is an issue, and I think the conservatives who have monopolized the term know it. The major issue being generating massive misandry from the media, which is not helpful to men. This timeline also ends in the media just deplatforming everyone. The media never looked to take down like, the liberal feminist forums back when they were the only ones existing. And these media groups are willing to go as far as designating all self-identified involuntary virgins as a terrorist group just to get the FBI to shut them down.

So what is the solution? There isn’t an easy solution. In that there currently is no ‘space’ for a liberal/lefty/or even non-ideological forum to flourish. Why is that? Well incel forums can only compete with the dominant right wing forums if they basically do not moderate the site, and the only people willing to put up with 2020s incel radicals are the far right wingers. At the moment. The only way for a non-far-right-wing forum to flourish would be to basically be as radical or moreso than the far-right wing-forums, but then that defeats the whole purpose of having another forum to begin with, which is to tune down the misandry.

Another possible solution is to help take down the largest forums, or get them moving to Tor, same thing basically. Wouldn’t really be that hard, as the anti-incel forums are more bluster than action. At the same time, there are downsides to that as well, namely that the incels who are radicals might actually start becoming radical in a way people are falsely saying they currently are. Additionally, them moving to Tor would basically ‘confirm’ in everyones minds that incels are ‘terrorists’, after all why move to Tor?

So for now, the conservatives, the traditionalists, the radicals, and associated forums just need to be put up with, ignored. Let them do their thing. And smaller forums should use a label other than incel. Not like ‘Love Not Anger’ did, but something that preserves the meaning of the word ‘incel’, but without using that word.

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