The atomic pill

A monarchy that enforces androgyny, Jante Law, and income inequality would solve inceldom. The monarchy would also allow for there to be total social liberalism outside those three things.

People would look more or less the same, there would be no resource exchange for sex, and there would be no celebrity culture. IE looks and money would not matter, and social status would be leveled by the altruistic gift economy. So there would be no basket of undesirables.

People would be free to do what they want, and choose whoever they want without inceldom.

Disclaimer: There could also be a separate provision in the monarchy for a separate community where sexual dimorphism is enforced, for those with particularly masculine and feminine brains. But that would be a bit of a more brutal monarchy than the one that enforces androgyny, as sexual dimorphism involves violence, so there’d have to be provision in the monarchy that keeps violence within reason, in the sexually dimorphic community, in such a way that keeps it from being a threat to the andrygynous community. For example, the sexually dimorphic community could be in a graphene fortress that wouldn’t allow them to exit and pillage the peaceful andro community.

One thought on “The atomic pill”

  1. That utopia sounds nice. It just isn’t feasible in reality.

    I’m more in favor of shaming women who leverage their sexuality to extract resources. Shame is a powerful tool for guiding societal norms.

    I’m also in favor of teaching men how to conduct themselves around women. Like I honestly feel really bad for men, because even the smartest men are just damn goofy around women. That’s why it’s easy for women to manipulate them and extract resources. I really like the redpill community because they give men a lot of tools so that they don’t get taken advantage of.

    I mean, there just isn’t any way to do away to create the kind of utopia you’re talking about. Even if it was a socialist country, women would trade sex for other stuff, status or favors, or who knows what.

    I think the solution is going to be more subtle and rely to an extent on people buying into the premise that the male/female relationships are truly broken.

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