I’ve been reflecting recently about the idea of cuckdom being damaging to incels. The idea being that if monogamy isn’t ‘enforced’ there is no viable alternative. Now ultimately, I think ‘enforcing monogamy’ for at least the next hundred years, is something of a red herring for people that want to help incels. It’s going to be impossible to ‘enforce monogamy’ in a land of skype, Facebook, etc. So ultimately arguments about how much we should be mate guarding our non-existent partners are a waste of time.

Additionally, the current models for monogamy would seem to exclude most incels anyway. They require non-stop wageslaving, when most incels can hardly hold down a job, or don’t want to.

What I personally see as the main problem of inceldom is a difference between expectations women have of men and the reality of men on the ground. Women expect the kinds of things men expect of themselves. Men react with suicideality, women react with WGTOW (women going their own way). But both genders react strongly to men not earning much or having much control over resources.

Ultimately, women thought men would get college degrees. They didn’t. Women thought men would not be dependent on their parents. Millions of men aren’t. 15% of men in their 20s are still living with their parents. Women have reacted and have gone their own ways. Men have failed to live up to women’s expectations. Or women have failed to set realistic and egalitarian standards for mating. However, you want to look at it.

So how do we solve the expectations problem? Should we ask men to work more? Or should we ask women to lower their standards. Obviously the latter makes more sense. As a society, we are more productive than we ever have been. We don’t need more work, we need less expectation of work. Women and traditional conservatives are the main drivers of this production-epidemic. This epidemic of people working too hard. People are working themselves to death in a society that has extremely good medical care. For the first time, the current generation will live not as long as their parents.

The United States worships work. Every politician offers some ‘solution’ to men not living up to expectations. Modern monetary theorists, who right now tend to be leftists, propose government subsidized minimum wage jobs (JG). There isn’t really any reason for this other than ‘fight future inflation’ and ‘decrease underemployment’. The first is a currently non-existent problem and the second assumes employment is pretty much always good for the sake of it.

Tradcons, who right now tend to be rightists, like Youtuber Jesse Peterson’s proposal of incels and NEETs ‘getting a job’ in the private sector to ‘become a man’, aka, ‘be worthy of a woman’. For example, when Jesse Peterson told prominent incel BrendioEEE to get a job as a truck driver to solve inceldom. For the record, feminists also sometimes tell men to ‘gain resources’ to get a woman.

Jesse Peterson told Brendio to do ‘get a truck driver job’ right when truck driver jobs are about to get mass automated. The idea wasn’t that we really need more truck drivers to fulfill some transportation role in society. The idea behind telling Brendio that was that traditional work is a value in itself, no matter what the work. And that it should be necessary to woo a lady.

My own opinion is that we need less work. We need less people working, and less work hours. We need less people employed full time. We need to do this without people saying ‘the economy will crash’. Modern monetary theorists aren’t interested in doing this. Stephanie Kelton had a debate with a UBI proponent at a left forum and her response to her being accused of having ‘conservative attitudes about employment’ was basically, ‘sorry I’m an economist and the first job of an economist is to increase employment’, paraphrased. Reactionaries in the media claim desires for ‘free stuff’ and ‘no work’ is evidence we are at the ‘end of an empire’ (ironically all while actively trying to overthrow our American empire).

Surely there must be a way to lower expectations of men without causing mass unemployment. A UBI doesn’t seem like it will work, as that actually will cause an economic crisis through inflation. But something has to be done. Something like government seizure of boomer real estate to give to millennials for free. Something like government banning of all women who listen to the song “No Scrubs” and similar songs from the internet. And gvmt forcing those women who listen 2 pay a $10k yearly annuity to men for 15 years, not forgivable through bankruptcy. Something like government reeducation programs for all women who say ‘you aren’t entitled to us’.

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  1. I do think female expectations are too high. But I think the way to combat that is just to shift cultural norms a little bit. I really believe media is a powerful tool for creating and communicating cultural norms; it’s way I write fiction. Women are conditioned to be attracted to rich and powerful men through a lifetime of movies, books, and other media images.

    But your solutions in your last paragraph just aren’t feasible. America is about liberty and freedom. The government can not seize private property (okay, so there’s eminent domain, but the gov needs a good ass reason to do that-building a highway or the area has become dangerous like the town Silent Hill is based on-government seizure of private property is rare and needs to continue to be rare). Banning certain songs would be a first amendment issue. It sounds like you want to give the government a LOT of power. That just wouldn’t be good for anybody. Limited government means maximum freedom. And government reeducation….this post seems serious until I get to that line, and now I’m having a “Am I arguing with a shitpost?” moment. Because I’m dumb when it comes to shitposts, so I never know. If you are serious though, that’s some really Orwellian stuff that is truly anti-American.

    What I think should be done to help incels: More positive representation of the types of men who become incels in media. Shy men, short men, autistic men (minus the autistic genius trope), fat men, etc. More normal looking men in media. More calling out of double-standards applied to men and women. Men can’t treat women as sexual objects, but in female-centric media it’s absolutely fine and celebrated for women to treat men as financial objects.

    Some people don’t believe media is powerful and that it doesn’t affect people very much. I really do though. I really think societal attitudes are based so much on the stories we watch and read. Stories are so powerful!
    I mean the whole reason I spent most of my life as a feminist is because I was inundated with so much feminist media as a kid. I loved the idea of feminism because of the Spice Girls. They were so girl power and “we don’t need a man.”
    Human beings have always had stories, because we learn about ourselves and base out value systems off of stories.

    In short, more incels need to write books <3
    Fiction not non-fiction.

    But that really is playing the long-game. I think it's a long-game worth playing though.

    Really thought-provoking blog 🙂

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