There is probably someone for you

I know I know, bluepill trite nonsense, but hear me out. There are over 3 billion women in the world. At least one of them probably would gel with you.

Doesn’t mean you’ll find them, but they exist. I used to think that women didn’t have as wide of a variety in taste of men than men had taste in women. Actually I still believe that. But there really does exist a woman for every fetish. For example, yes there are women with incel fetishes.

Yes there are women with dominatrix fetishes.

Yes there are women that fetishize wheelchair bound men.

Yes there are women that fetishize sad men.

There are however a few fetishes that I have not really seen enough proof of to claim there are any women that hold the fetish. I’ve seen a number of charts showing, “mom”, porn is the most (or one of the most) widely searched terms among men. Now how many bio women have a mommy dom fetish for men? So far I have seen exactly 0. At the same time given devoteeism exists, I bet this exists somewhere in the wild too, I’d bet money on it.

So there really is someone out there for everyone. I hope you find what you are looking for. Unfortunately dating apps and other speed dating type thing etc are bad ways to date, even if they are becoming the majority way to date. If you aren’t a 10/10 and you are a male, tens of thousands of women need to see your personality and dating apps do not give you a chance to do that. The only real solution is something where you can show your personality, something like Youtube or sites for artists etc.

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