Anti-cuckdom is Undomesticated Inceldom

Humans are undoubtedly a tournament species in market economies or during times of resource scarcity, and this manifests in real life. There have been a few times when I’ve been subject to obvious manifestions of tournament-type male competitions.


For example, I’ve only been on a mutually arranged romantic date once. At the date, every male server or bartender was really shitty to me in the presence of my date. Like the first guy, a Starbucks bartender felt the need to mention to my date that I had been in the bathroom a few times prior to the date in an insulting manner. A bartender at another restaurant directly after that also insulted me, laughing in a not-so-friendly way when I was fumbling with an order.

These types of men should die painfully of natural causes. They are undomesticated beasts. They have absolutely no role to play in a post-civilizational post-industry society.

We live in a society

Modern civilization and modern industry has created an increased need for cooperation and trust, and this is why we have religion, highly-involved-parenting, police, checks-and-balances on government etc….

If society was just all men on their own, fighting over women, nothing impressive on a societal scale would get done because no one would trust each other enough to do long-term cooperative projects.

Altruism is both redpilled and pro-cuck

CC BY-SA 2.0 , Helping the homeless by Ed Yourdom who does not endorse usage

So I’ve been absolutely surrounded with this type of undomesticated man in incel forums particularly. I’ll call them undomesticated incels. Maybe they’d claim feminism made them undomesticated or some dumb shit, but I have serious doubts they were ever thoroughly domesticated. I’m a bit torn about how to treat them, as I think incels are oppressed and deserve sympathy, however the selfish pursuit of women is one of the worst traits someone could have. Should I just continue to forgive that type of behaviour, or just leave this community and look for more cooperative communities, who are just easier to be around?
There definitely exist places where men help other men in more domesticated manners. I run one of those places as a forum. So far at least two couples have paired up in my forum.

I have sort of a compulsion to give people things. Maybe it’s a trad (aka redpilled), religious impulse. I’ve given thousands of dollars to random people online, I’ve given people romantic opportunities, and all I’m looking for is a place I don’t organize myself that is as cool as the forums I created.

Social Anxiety born from tournament mating

Maybe most of my social fear arises from the fact that most men and women who are not domesticated are fucking shitty to incels. Men naturally have an out-group preference, and women naturally have an in-group preference. So any social opportunity outside the home for a male wanting to mate is a social risk. Undomesticated men and women will attack the confidence of men wanting to mate, just because they want to mate. A male looking to mate is never celebrated, only seen as dangerous. Men are only celebrated after they find a mate. This is what a tournament species looks like. In this sense, social anxiety (in men) comes from a rational place, even if it is often unhealthily exaggerated. The therapy industry of course doesn’t acknowledge or care much about this in it’s analysis of why men are shy. Unless you are good friends with the men in any social situation, men will be happy to screw over you, just to appear good to the women in the room. Makes perfect sense to have some sort of initial negative reaction to that, I guess it’s just a matter of how to deal with it.

The benefits of sharing women

If more men could just be domesticated (these men being increasingly incel) life would be so much easier for every man. Men wouldn’t have a need to fear random social situations. We could avoid the need for shitty tradcon monogamy and mateguarding. It is true that female selection plays a role in inceldom, and I am openly critical of women, but men seal the deal on female hypergamy by not voluntarily cucking their female partners or perspective female partners to other men.

Please join to learn more about how to be a redpilled alpha cuck.

Anti-cuck activists, such as Proud Boy/Gamergate types might imply anti-cuckdom is just a humanist desire to promote monogamy and hence decrease inceldom. Now let’s assume monogamy the best possible option for human mating (big IF), you can still have virtuous cucking in relationships. Like how does people sleeping around in relationships, if the relationships stay stable, hurt monogamy? Because it makes single women not want to pair up because they get the alpha man in a relationship on demand? Well I want to clarify, I support husband’s sharing wives with incel phenotype men, and incel phenotype men sharing women among themselves. I don’t support anything else, including wives sharing husbands with other women outside relationships.

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