Before going into the incel communities my general opinion was that incels had better personalities than, “normies”. This was mainly due to the schools I attended, perhaps until college.

However, after joining incel forums, particularly those outside Facebook, I was sort of stunned to find that most people in the forums had absolutely horrible personalities. Some were extremely funny, but most were just anti-social, combative, selfish, and sadistic.

It has been very hard to identify anyone worth making friends with, although I have found a few. The trait that really gets at me is selfishness. If so many incel forum users were not selfish, they could help turn the whole incel thing into something more edgy, political, and impressive in a positive way. Something like Japan’s Kakuhidou, although it doesn’t have to be leftist.

Now, I don’t think that these incels are incel because of their bad personalities. In fact, their bad personalities may be the only thing going for them. The self-identified public-figure incels of yesteryear: Alands, Talmer etc had all very good personalities, and that did not seem to do them any favors. In fact, the feminist, goody-two-shoes boards they were in were never really that popular, nor were there many outside women obsessed with those forums.

However, with these new, 4chan-culture incel forums, women seem more interested. I joked a few times on one of the boards that some women may actually masturbate in-real-time to postings, simply due to the violent, shitty personalities there. No women would masturbate to or Indeed, the extremely shitty personalities on the more extreme forums have garnered enormous amounts of media attention, and BDSM-tier fantasies from journalists written as OP-eds.

It’s all very strange to me.

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  1. I think the focus on attractiveness and personality is misleading. Because it is true that personality plays a role, but it’s little.

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