The Blackpill is something like a cult or a religion

Cults have to meet certain criteria, here’s the criteria:
1. an unnacountable leader or vanguard
2. A system of brainwashing and member self-sacrifice
3. Exploitation of the lower members by the dominant members
4. no tolerance for criticism
5. no meaningful financial disclosure, or other important disclosures
6. Unreasonable fear of the outside world
7. Former members are always wrong
8. Followers are never good enough
9. The leader is always right
10. the group leader defines truth
11. The media reports on the leader’s abuses
12. Former members tell similar stories

The blackpill places often meet most of these criteria.
1. Blackpill forums have anon leaders and dominant posters are therefore unnaccountable to members
2. Members are told to “take the blackpill” (accept an ideology) in order to participate in what is advertized as group support (eg discussion of inceldom, with inceldom characterized as an affliction). Members are encouraged by dominant posters to lead an unhealthy life because “it’s over”, tacitly encouraged by some mods
3. Lower members are discouraged from bettering their lives
4. Bans are frequent and seem arbitrary
5. No clear reason for the board existing other than to “continue a culture” as less culty boards have always existed. No financial or law enforcement participation disclosure like 8chan does.
6. They promote the outside world as full of evil, degeneracy, and people that will screw you over
7. Former members are often unfairly maligned
8. The members are told that they are subhuman or that they should kill themselves
9. This one is not so apparent, the leaders of blackpill forums do not claim to always be right, same with 10.
11. The media has reported extensively on blackpill forum abuses
12. This one hasn’t been met quite yet either, but there are 1-2 “coming out” stories

For the record, I have very little evidence the leaders of the forums are consciously organizing a cult-like thing, it seems to be mainly what I’ll call the “vanguard posters”, or posters who post the most and receiving a lot of adulation, who are doing such. Mainly people like Blackpillpres among other posters.
Other non-blackpill forums such as kiwifarms also display cult like behaviour.

It’s also important to note that society is full of cults, and many if not most people join them. Blackpill forums are something of a secular cult, but others join religious or celebrity oriented cults as well.

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