Sympathy for tradcons

We tend do demonize political opinions we don’t have a positive personal background with. Few of us end up with political attitudes that are shaped by anything other than circumstance and geography. It is a useful exercise to find benefits in things you normally hate.

My aversion to traditionalism is partially informed by mild psychological trauma

So I have thought recently about what tradcons may have right, despite so much suffering in my life being apart of tradcon spaces. I grew up in hyper-traditionalist environments as a non-traditionalist, and it led to social ostrasization and eventually culminated in me shouting every guilt and insecurity in religious babble in Senior year while hallucinating during a near-fatal heat stroke. After that heat stroke I recalled what I had shouted in public and lost all respect for most things religious seeing how much woo was deep in my psyche.

What sorts of good points to tradcons have?

Well I think their best point is that people should marry young. Very young. Like right after puberty. And while changing age of consent laws. For most of antiquity people married at age 13/14. Now for my obligatory, “I’m not a pedo/ephobophile” disclaimer. I honestly have always preferred older women, and never had a preference for people younger than me.

However there is something absolutely absurd about delaying pairbonding almost 15 years after a man hits puberty. A man’s sex drive is highest is his teenage years, and unmet natural desires teenage men have result in psychological trauma. Most incel forums seem to be populated by very young men for a reason. This is when inceldom takes it’s largest psychological toll. Intelligent young men realize that there are broader patterns in their life causing their inceldom, that are unlikely to resolve in the near future. Most older incels such as myself aren’t really complaining about our present situation, because the damage already has been done. We are defending an earlier version of us.

Still, some tradcons “solutions” would benefit almost no one

Most tradcons offer bad solutions to modern society’s absurd delaying of pairbonding. Tradcons will often imply that increased religion or “male spaces” can deal with male sexual frustration. Yea, perhaps as a band-aid. But that frustration doesn’t evaporate. It simply goes elsewhere… into fetishes and Japanese-tier commodification of the other gender.

Religion asks people to abstain from all things sexual until marriage. That only makes sense if marriage starts at puberty. Otherwise religion, this traditionalist thing, exacerbate the problems of non-traditionalism. You can’t just throw traditionalism at modernity, traditionalism is a whole package, individual parts do not help modernity, they just make it worse.

The idea of societal sactioning of teenage marriage seems a little idyllic. Everyone gets their high school romance etc. Unlike traditionalists though, I do not think people should reproduce more. There doesn’t seem to be any good political argument for that nowadays. Unless it has to do with racial issues, but that is another topic.

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