Tradcons are anti-male

Many, but not all, of the core ideas here are present in this video by, “Analyzing Male Slavery”:

Traditionalism for the self and not the many

Right-wing and traditionally conservative men like “Stardusk” and “Turd Flinging Monkey” nowadays only join the army, work in public service, or join traditional work spaces to gain resources, women, and benefit the self. These actions have nothing to do with helping other workers, patriotism or politics, or bettering society. Many left wing and right wing men only use politics for social networking or for the purposes of gaining status. Right-wingers chastise leftists for “virtue signaling” in the political space, but at least standing for something like universal health care is a virtue signal to people other than women.

The “I am going to work to provide for my woman” antisociability destroys the workplace. I have had to work with men who only work for women, and it is unbearable. They seem to have no concern for the workload of others in the workplace, especially if it would inconvenience them. Every prominent manospherian is guilty of this. They describe having served in public service, but they talk about it only in personal terms and for mate guarding. Their ideology is purely selfish, it serves no purpose other than to defend past and future selfishness and male resource hoarding.

In my description of these men being toxic to the workplace, I am not defending traditional work, but rather defending those who have to work. Traditional work is indeed often wasteful, but without helping other workers, it is also pointless. Tradcons think of jobs like flashy cars, not much else. And the tone and context in which they call for others to, “get a job” more often seems like them flexing their own status or defending their own actions by showing off their own employment status, rather than actually wanting to help anyone lead a better life.

The nuclear family is only an extension of tournament mating, not anything societal

And these youtubers will defend the nuclear family to no end. The nuclear family is only feel-good because of stories of a time long-gone, in our current society the nuclear family is sociopathic. Every family exists separate from one another in competition with one another. When society is in crisis, the last thing people should do is isolate into family units. This makes absolutely no sense. Sex should only be for recreation in times of political upheaval or moral decay. People have no purpose reproducing when future generations will suffer without societal change.

To most manospherians, and actually most ideological monogamists, monogamous marriage is a, “righteous”, epitome of antisociability. Raised by other selfishly minded people who fed them medieval fairy tales of romance, they want to, “conquer”, women, and see themselves as a sexually successful version of themselves as”kings” of a society they hate. Not as a fellow man, but as a king. They relish in, “alpha”, status, ready to make fun of lesser sexuallly successful, “betas”. They frame and want sexual success to be domination over other men rather than sharing women as a, “cuck”, would. These types of people should be banished from pro-male spaces, they only have the self in mind.

These people unfortunately have influence

Turd Flinging Monkey for years was teaching millions of men who watch his videos to live like him. He has made it clear he has no intention on giving to society. His entire channel is about removing himself from society as a whole and engaging in total degeneracy while pretending to be anti-degeneracy. TFM sells sex toys on his channel.

Delusions of enforcing monogamy individually

In a long and boring recent discussion on Youtube, the Youtuber Stardusk makes it clear he thinks he can preserve monogamy in his own household without contributing to any social movement, even a tradcon one. Pointless and ineffective. It won’t work.

The delusion of thinking being a provider means being pro-male

He thinks providing for women means he is “in charge”. Stardusk’s wife just joined the church to find some delusional tradcon sucker. Being a male in a monogamous tradcon relationship is being a slave. Stardusk thinks it makes him a platonic ideal of a patriarch. XD

Tradcons co-opt religion for purely selfish reasons

On Religion, these new MGTOW, redpill, blackpill, and manospherian men have no true belief in religion. There is no reason behind his tradcon religiousity besides status and resources, gaining a wife, and mateguarding. Which would be normal enough, even I have considered such a thing, but Stardusk claims he is in it for more. Which he is not.

Having a stay-at-home wife is forfeiture in our current society

These state they are pro-male by advocating for stay-at-home wives. This is ridiculous. Men should not accept stay at home wives if women refuse to accept stay at home husbands societally. Anything else is gynocentric garbage

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