Why leftist men like feminism

Everyone has a take as to why leftist men like feminism. Prominent mens-movement leader: Warren Farrell says it is because feminists co-opted Marxism. Traditionalists say it is an attempt for leftist men to flirt.

These explanations are all somewhat true, but the thought process has perhaps not been fully explained. As someone who was a feminist for years and was in antifa for longer, perhaps I can give insight.

Feminist Scandinavia is a relative heaven for betas.

Leftist and rightist men both correctly realize that Scandinavia is a great place for beta males.

An accurate take from RooshVs blog

This is immediately noticeable to anyone who looks at the physical make-up of couples, and specifically the men of Scandinavia. And this is further confirmed by looking at sex statistics of Scandinavia. The thought process for leftist men is that if we simply imported various Scandinavian feminist experiments, that there would be more sexual/romantic intimacy between the genders. When leftist men look at Scandinavia, this is what they see: a sexual utopia. They believe this is made possible by liberated female sexuality. The idea is that women, once properly empowered and more financially independent will break free from men who use toxic masculinity and money to find sexual intimacy. This is mostly wrong. The evidence is clear that women earning money certainly does not make women more open to betas. It is a mixed bag with other forms of female empowerment. The evidence suggests women who are sexually confident are also more open to betas, although this dynamic does not apply to being aesthetically empowered, empowered through career etc..

I also used to believe liberated female sexuality led to more sex for men.

Literally all dating apps/sites prove this is not the case. So obviously, something else is going on in Scandinavia that leftist, feminist men are underestimating. And that thing in my opinion is the power of a strong egalitarian social contract. The power of nationalism and radical egalitarian brainwashing (Jante Law), and humility is what makes women in Scandinavia afraid of rejecting betas. After all, no one is beneath anyone, hierarchy is societally discouraged across the board through the social contract.

Radical egalitarianism and humility acts as a check on the “freedom” feminism gives women. The anti-discrimination and humility of radical socially enforced egalitarianism removes a lot of the choice that feminism is supposedly giving women in Scandinavia. Egalitarianism is anti-feminist. This is something leftist men need to realize.

At least some leftist men still seem to value free love, as rightists certainly do not.

Instead of celebrating the fact that sex is cheap in some countries, leaders of male-issues-spaces such as RooshV expressed discontent that sex seems to be more equally distributed among men in Scandinavia relative to other Western countries. And only because betas are getting the sex that people like RooshV (and most of society) thinks only certain people deserve.

RooshV does not claim to want an egalitarianism of sexual access, but other traditionalists supposedly do. Prominent philosopher and white nationalist Roger Devlin claims to want sex to be more equally distributed, but it is obvious this desire of his starts more from a nostalgia about monogamy than utilitarianism. As such, this prominent traditionalist is not genuine in his concern about incels. Other conservative academics like conservative Sexual Economic Theorists (SET) similarly argue for more expensive sex in order to promote monogamy. Obviously not all incels even want a long term monogamous relationship. Probably all incels would be just fine with the non-monogamous, “male utopia” of free love. Roger Devlin simply asserts that free love is not possible.

The male utopia of free-love and sex at any time, is, as Roger explains, what men truly want. And politically, this is specifically what true leftist men want. Free love is a total dissolution of sexual, monetary, and family hierarchies, given the competition for economic capital is mostly a competition for sexual capital. Free love, or as some MRAs call, sex-positive mens rights activism, is in a sense the ultimate leftist position.

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